Assistance before return

In order to assist you during the return to your home country, the return counselors in Austria will take care of the following:

  • Consultation regarding the perspectives in your home country
  • Provide information about the possible assistance
  • Organization of travel documents
  • Coverage of costs for the return
  • Organization of the return (incl. flight tickets)
  • If possible, assistance at the airport Vienna Schwechat at the point of departure and organization of transit assistance
  • Assistance in receiving financial support
  • If needed, clarification of medical assistance before, during and after the travel

Services after your return

The “EU Reintegration Programme” (EURP) offers you support in cooperation with a local partner organisation at the time of your reintegration after return to your home country.

Prompt assistance
The post-arrival package worth €615 is used for immediate support after the arrival in your home country and includes the following immediate services:

  • Welcome by a reintegration partner directly at the airport and handover of a post-arrival package: pre-paid SIM card, personal hygiene products (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.), 1 water bottle, 1 warm meal (also available as a voucher), age-appropriate toy for children
  • Airport pick-up
  • Support in onward journey (organisation and covering the costs)
  • Temporary accommodation for up to 3 days after arrival
  • Direct medical assistance

If you do not require any or require only some of the immediate services, you will receive the proportional amount of €615 in cash from the local partner.

Long-term reintegration support
In addition, you will receive a post-return package in the amount of €2,000. You will receive €200 of this amount in cash and €1,800 in the form of benefits in kind based on the reintegration plan which will be created with the assistance of the local partner organisation during the first 6 months after your return.

The offered benefits in kind of the post-return package include, among other things:

  • Support in establishing a small enterprise (company)
  • Educational activities and training
  • Support in entering the job market
  • Support in enrolment of accompanying children at school
  • Legal and administrative consultancy services
  • Family reunification
  • Medical assistance
  • Psychosocial support
  • Support related to house and household (furnishings)

For further information and application please contact the nearest office of one of the return counselling offices of the Federal Agency for Reception and Support Services (BBU GmbH)

EU Reintegration Programme

Together with local partners, EURP supports returnees in their reintegration process in their countries of origin. For more information please visit the Frontex brochure, website, or contact a return counsellor.

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General Information on Voluntary Return Assistance

We would like to inform you, that after activating, data will be transferred to the provider. Further information you will find in our data protection policy.

Reintegration Support for Returnees from Austria (BMI)

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